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Tuesday, 01 June 2021

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Barbara Band, School Library Consultant, reflects on what it means for the future of school libraries in a post-Covid world. Sparked by ideas from an IFLA webinar, she considers safety and technology in library spaces, evidence-based librarianship and the value of school libraries.

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Featured News

Clarivate announced it will acquire ProQuest from the privately-held, family-owned, Cambridge Information Group and the minority owner Atairos. Both these library titans are deeply embedded in libraries worldwide so this industry consolidation has significant implications not only for investors but also for the entire information industry, broadly defined.

The European Union have proposed new rules and actions regarding Artificial Intelligence, in line with its desire to make "Europe fit for the Digital Age". Although most commentary regarding the proposed AI regulations have centred on "Big Tech", the library community is also affected. Library organisations, particularly IFLA, have been interested in issues surrounding new technologies such as AI for several years.

CLIR has become the administrative home of the International Internet Preservation Consortium with the move of its senior program officer, Olga Holownia, to the CLIR staff. Founded in 2003, the IIPC is an international organization of member institutions from more than 35 countries that work to collect, preserve, and make accessible knowledge from the global web. Its activities include providing a forum for the sharing of knowledge about web archiving, collaborating on research and development projects, funding technical, curatorial, and educational projects, managing working groups, and convening the annual Web Archiving Conference and General Assembly.

Quartex, an Adam Matthew Digital SaaS platform, announced the launch of Handwritten Text Recognition (HTR) Transcription, which creates automated, fully searchable transcriptions of manuscript assets with a single click.