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Sage has launched a free-to-read hub of social and behavioral science resources to foster evidence-based discussions about democracy and the 2024 elections inside and outside the classroom. This is particularly important in a year where half the world's population will exercise their democratic right to vote.

Posted 02 July 2024

OCLC acquires digital content provider from Bibliotheca to meet the needs of public library communities,

Posted 07 May 2024

New OCLC Leaders Council to be phased in over the next year

Posted 02 April 2024

Cyberattacks on major libraries, including the British Library and the Toronto (Canada) Public Library, have had a crippling effect on their ability to provide even routine services. We look at what happened, the repercussions, the cost involved to recover and how to prevent such calamities going forward.

Posted 06 February 2024

People entered and behaved normally, reading and checking out books, not noticing the absence of library staff.

Posted 19 November 2023

The new division is designed to enhance professional development and educational skills for businesses, organizations and individuals

Posted 07 November 2023

Company embarks on projects to determine how GenAI can enhance search discovery and content creation while avoiding "hallucinations" and spurious information.

Posted 03 October 2023

In the session on "Decoding citizen science: Putting libraries in the public sphere," presented by IFLA's Science and Technology Libraries section during the World Library and Information Congress in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, 21-24 August, 2023, four public librarians described citizen science activities at their libraries.  

Posted 03 October 2023

Acquisition will accelerate the adoption of Patron Point Software as the go-to marketing automation platform for libraries

Posted 05 September 2023

All three awards are open to individuals or groups from anywhere in the world. Nominations for all three 2023 awards must reach UKeiG by 6 pm GMT on Friday 29 September 2023.

Posted 01 August 2023

Programs that reach out to artists and to minority youth interested in starting successful businesses can help individuals transcend dismal economic conditions

Posted 01 August 2023

IFLA's World Library & Information Congress will be held in Dubai, UAE, 19-23 August 2024

Posted 20 June 2023

In Boston, bus riders can now access free digital 'pop-up' libraries in Boston and there's no card required.

Posted 15 May 2023

The browser extension is designed to encourage library usage by users who start their research with a web search engine

Posted 02 May 2023

Librarians around the world rejoiced that a fellow librarian, Tracie D. Hall, was recognised as one of the world's most influential people by Time magazine.

Posted 02 May 2023

IFLA, the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions, have published the latest update of the IFLA Trend Report, co-authored by the emerging leaders who attended IFLA's 2022 World Library and Information Congress.

Posted 07 February 2023

From his perspective as Strategy and Commissioning Manager - Universal Services, Warwickshire County Council, and President, Libraries Connected, Ayub Khan MBE shares his unique perspective on what's been happening in libraries, particularly public libraries, as they grow their services, change to adapt to new technologies and prove their value to their communities. 

Posted 03 January 2023

Metadata and the metadata services that describe library collections are critical in supporting content discovery, knowledge creation, and libraries' public missions. Metadata describing library collections is not typically copyrightable, and should be considered freely shareable and reusable under most circumstances. However, some industry players restrict libraries' rights to use such metadata through contractual terms and market influence. Such restrictive activity is out of alignment with libraries' needs and public, not-for-profit/educational missions.

Posted 15 September 2022

OCLC expands web visibility subscription options to improve impact and exposure for more libraries worldwide.

Posted 06 September 2022

The IFLA/UNESCO Public Library Manifesto proclaims UNESCO's belief in the public library as a living force for education, culture and information, and as an essential agent for the fostering of peace and welfare through the minds of all people.

Posted 02 August 2022

The database will offer equitable perspectives on U.K. and Ireland current events.

Posted 07 June 2022

From his perspective as Librarian & Head, Central Library, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, Nabi Hasan reflects on how libraries in India responded to the pandemic situation and celebrates the exciting stories of innovative library services formed during these difficult times.

Posted 01 March 2022

Our wonderful Internet Librarian International community, confronted with the pandemic-dictated cancellation of our conference two years in a row, took full advantage of the virtual world to attend Bite-sized ILI on 22 September 2021. A half-day event, Bite-sized ILI featured three sessions and five speakers. Over 80 people registered, from 20 countries, emphasizing the truly international nature of ILI.

Posted 05 October 2021

An April 2021 Working Paper (2021-6), published by the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, details some results of investing in public libraries. Researchers from Montana State University, the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, and Miami University investigated outcomes of local government spending on public libraries in regard to library resources, patron usage, student achievement and local housing prices.

Posted 04 May 2021

The Lubuto Library Partners, working in Zambia for the past 15 years, established three libraries focussed on the needs of children and youth, providing books, technology, and library programming, as well as serving as safe havens. The pandemic has caused Lubuto Library Partners to consider new directions post-pandemic.

Posted 01 March 2021