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Tuesday, 06 April 2021

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Katie Birkwood describes the transcribathon that the Royal College of Physicians archives team took part in, organised to make ancient texts readable both to modern eyes and for digitisation purposes. However, some of the advice in the 17th century books should probably be disregarded, such as bramble leaves and white ginger to ward off the plague and a shovelful of bees to treat hair loss.

Featured News

The goal of Google News Initiative is to support news organizations around the world to not only ensure that quality journalism endures but also to fight against misinformation and disinformation. It provides training and funding towards that end. Three recent projects benefit not only journalism but also the essential need for access to information that is trustworthy, reliable and complete.

The first module of Gale's new Declassified Documents Online: Twentieth-Century British Intelligence explores the history of British Intelligence during an era of global conflict and careful diplomacy, of the rise and fall of political extremes, of great strides in technology and of vast change in the everyday lives of people around the world.

An unprecedented digitization program makes out-of-print works by George L. Hersey, Richard Freedman, Mark Jarzombek, Moshe Safdie, Peter Rowe, Galen Cranz, Arthur Pulos, Gilbert Hubert, and others now available as ebooks for the first time.

The European Commission launched Open Research Europe, a publishing platform for scientific papers that will be accessible to everyone. The platform will present the results of research funded by Horizon Europe, the EU research and innovation programme for 2021-2027, and its predecessor, Horizon 2020.