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Tuesday, 16 May 2017

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How are organisations using data and metrics to model information? Gary Horrocks reports from the UKeiG Members Day.

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A summary of some of the news you may have missed including: Wolfram Data Repository announced; Wikipedia and OCLC collaborate; Springer Nature ORCID initiatives; accreditation of CILIP's first Arabic course; LBF Virtual Conference.

Concessions will apply for five years.

Discovery at Reading University is from one of the earliest printed books.

Lens aims to recognise real world objects.

Collection includes content from museums and archives across Europe.

ILI365 Blog

Fascinating research study suggests people aren't as susceptible to fake news as we might think.

The European Commission has just published the final report of its ICT for Work: Digital Skills in the Workplace study.

What are the most popular streamed programmes around the world?

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New research shows that protecting long-term digital information is key to driving business value

New research from the Information Governance Initiative (IGI) reveals that 83% of organizations aim to realize direct business value from their long-term digital information, across such areas as market analysis, product innovation, and customer service.