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Tuesday, 17 December 2013

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Embedded librarians don't wait to be asked - they anticipate.

Practical methodology focuses on quick wins, user feedback, and frequent iteration to deal with enterprise search challenges

The average UK teenager owns six digital devices.

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Pilot collection launched; target of 200 libraries to sign up.

The National Library of Norway plans to digitise every Norwegian book.

Stakeholder dialogue complete; recommendations finalised.

National collecting society SABAM opposes proposed reform.

National Library sold 'tons' of books.

Press Releases

British Library Spring 2014: Georgians Revealed, Beautiful Science and Spring Festival 2014

Spring at the Library sees talks from the likes of Margaret Atwood, Michael Palin and Hanif Kureishi as well as the launch of an exciting new exhibition, Beautiful Science: Picturing Data, Inspiring Insight.

Brill adds Polis, the Journal of Ancient Greek Political Thought to Journal Program

Brill is set to publish Polis, the Journal of Ancient Greek Political Thought.