Tools for the library innovator

The word innovation is losing its power. If everything is innovative, nothing is innovative. True innovation, however, exists and will have an impact on how librarians do their jobs and how people perceive information.

Makerspaces: what's in a name?

No two makerspaces are the same. They may not even be called makerspaces. They are built with specific audiences in mind - and each has its own distinct personality.

Heather Moorefield-Lang | 29 July 2016

Curating a nightclub

A crowdsourced exhibition, hosted by a university library, provides a case study in the challenges of curation.

Martin O'Connor | 21 July 2016

Lights, camera, penguin!

Pablo the Penguin helps bridge the social gap between the library service and clients, builds trust, helps to mentor students and supports anxious users.

David E Bennett | 21 July 2016
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