Are things really as they seem?

Phil Bradley explores the knee jerk responses many people have to online content. They violently agree or disagree with it, repost, re-tweet or reshare it - and all without really thinking things through.

Reading Europe - a cultural case for Europe

The Reading Europe project sees UK Independent Publishers recommend books from each of the EU countries. The titles have been selected to allow the reader to learn more about the literature, history and culture of each country.

Eric Lane | 15 June 2016

Students improving services for themselves

Student engagement at The Hive -- Europe's first integrated public and university library.

Katherine Allen | 13 May 2016

AIIP explores partnering for success

The 2016 Association of Independent Information Professionals conference explored how partnering impacts the unique characteristics of information businesses.

Marydee Ojala | 03 May 2016
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