Social Media

Decision challenges Facebook's practice of forcing users to agree to data gathering.

Posted 08 February 2019

France's data protection authority has announced a $57 million fine against Google.

Posted 22 January 2019

WhatsApp is limiting the number of times members can forward any single message.

Posted 22 January 2019

French officials will spend six months reviewing content moderation processes.

Posted 13 November 2018

Phil Bradley reflects on the lessons we all should learn from the shutdown of Google+.

Posted 23 October 2018

New policy means Twitter will make it clear when someone has posted a tweet that violates its terms of service. 

Posted 18 October 2018

Looking back at the past twenty years in the world of information.

Posted 08 October 2018

Nine million former broken links are now working.

Posted 02 October 2018

ILI speaker Olga Koz will be sharing tips on how to create a community of researchers.

Posted 02 October 2018

Twitter Lite opens up Twitter to users with slow networks, expensive data plans or lack of space on their mobile devices.

Posted 21 September 2018

Antitrust violations generate record fine.

Posted 18 July 2018

Instagram is testing a feature that will allow public account holders to remove followers.

Posted 18 July 2018

A wide range of topics were covered at INFORUM in Prague, including library strategy and advocacy, tech developments, preservation, archiving and digitisation.

Posted 12 June 2018

Facebook loses ground, YouTube leads the way.

Posted 01 June 2018

Further efforts to seem more transparent.

Posted 17 May 2018

YouTube Red is becoming YouTube Premium.

Posted 17 May 2018

Twitter says it has developed an algorithm to help it identify troll behaviour.

Posted 16 May 2018

200 apps have been suspended so far.

Posted 15 May 2018

The majority of Americans are resistant to government action on misinformation but are more open to action by tech companies.

Posted 20 April 2018

Research shows the pervasive role that automated accounts play in disseminating links to a wide range of prominent websites on Twitter.

Posted 20 April 2018

Newly released stats show over 100 adverts per second are being removed.

Posted 23 March 2018

Researchers from MIT prove lies spread faster than truth.

Posted 11 March 2018

Facebook and YouTube continue to dominate the landscape.

Posted 09 March 2018

Google releases information on three years of requests and its responses.

Posted 02 March 2018

No need to like a tweet in order to save it.

Posted 02 March 2018